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Related Services

Occupational Therapy

For those students who are approved for Occupational Therapy services through their Planning and Placement Team (PPT), Solterra Academy provides licensed Occupational Therapists who work with students on an individual basis, in a small group or classroom, and/or on a consultative basis.
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Physical Therapy

A licensed Physical Therapist works with students at the Solterra Academy who may have gross motor difficulties that impact their functioning within the school. Students who require PT services, as determined by their Planning and Placement Team (PPT), are assessed and seen individually or in small groups by a licensed Physical Therapist, or may be served on a consult basis.
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Speech/Language Therapy

Students approved for Speech/Language services through their Planning and Placement team (PPT) are evaluated and afforded intervention by a certified and licensed Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) individually, with a peer, and/or in the classroom. Some classrooms have language groups led by the SLP.  
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STRIDE (Short-term Therapeutic Review, Intervention and Diagnostic Evaluation) is a 40-day diagnostic process for students ages 5 to 21. 
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